How Does it work?

The Intro Call

First off, send us an email so we can get started! Whether you started your own company, invented a new product or are building a brand, we want to hear about it! We understand that a video that doesn't resonate with a company's marketing strategy or its target audience is useless. That said, during this intro call we'll answer any questions you have as well as asking some of our own so that we can tailor your videos' needs appropriately. 

Our Pitch

With your specific needs in mind, our team will create multiple marvelous and original video concepts that are custom-made for YOU! Your brand is unique and unlike any other. So should be the case for your video! Over the years we've figured out what does and doesn't work and we'd love to share our insight with you. Have an idea? Tell us! Collaborating with our clients always produces the best work.   


After a concept for your video has been decided we can move into the pre-production phase. But don't worry, we'll handle everything. Just let us know when the content needs to be ready, sit back and relax! We will continue to communicate with you on a regular basis so that you are involved at every step of the way.


I have a full in-house team of incredible filmmakers who are always creating amazing content. We use the same gear used in Hollywood Motion Pictures so you can be sure that you'll love what we create. If you can make it, we'd love to have you on set during production but if you're too busy then no worries! Just sit back and relax and we'll stay connected with you. 

Launch Day

Often distribution can be the most overlooked part of creating awesome videos. Whether or not you are posting your content on social media, we're here to help. After-all, what good is an amazing video to you if no one ever sees it?! We'll make sure you have the best strategies and tools in place to get your video out there.

Ready to go? Send Us an email!

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