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2019 Drone Reel

Fumari: troubleshooting a hookah

This "How To" style of video is for instructional and promotional purposes. It gathers a general audience by addressing a problem, and then solves that issue while promoting the brand.

Ponchos by pooch-o

This promo video utilizes slow motion and eye popping movement to capture the viewers attention. In addition, key words were added to accentuate main selling points of the product for a highly effective combination. 

Coronado Island Film Festival Trailer 2017

While this style of narrative video is uncommon for most commercial work, It made for a highly effective and attention grabbing trailer. An option to consider if you care about story!

Coronado Cays Real estate drone video

Real estate videos are often terribly boring. Add a drone into the mix and some eye-popping photos and you'll attract the attention you need! 

BSN 2018 Fitness Expo

This promo focuses on vignetting individuals at the event while also covering the general atmosphere. A blast to shoot! 

Zip launchpad

San Diego State University

These informative style videos are a staple of most companies. It's vital that interviewees shot in these videos be colloquial, charismatic, and energetic. Interviews are overlayed with additional footage of what the interviewee is discussing in order to hold the viewers attention with driving imagery.

SPectrum Dogs

A fun and informative promo featuring interview, public demonstration, walk and talk, etc. The interview explains the founder and the company to add charisma to the brand. 

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